8 Las Vegas Nightclubs for Endless Parties

    I know what you’re thinking: there’s no such thing as a party that never ends. Well, I can tell you’ve never been to Las Vegas. Here, the festivities never stops. Allow me to introduce you to five places where the party keeps on going… and you just can’t be there alone…

    1. XS Nightclub

    This is how we party in Las Vegas:a crowded dance floor, gold everywhere you set your sights on and an outdoor pool area for bottle service under the stars. Welcome to XS, one of the most expensive nightclubs ever made. Here, you’ll find some of the best DJs in the world. Anybody who is anybody has spun here:  Zedd, Skrillex, and Deadmau5. And if you feel like partying on a Sunday night, bring your swimsuit so you won’t mind getting wet.

    2. Hakkasan

    This club has five levels of unforgettableness. If your body gets weary from dancing, go and get yourself a drink from one of many spacious bar areas. And if you need to escape the party for a bit, there’s the Ling Ling Lounge, a perfect space to grab a seat and unwind. Some of the biggest DJ’s in the world play here. You’ll find Tiesto, Calvin Harris, and Afrojack on almost every night. Bonus perk: Questlove can sometimes be seen spinning in the Ling Ling Lounge. The even smaller Ling Ling Club (yes, those are different places) hosts open-format DJs every night.

    3. 1OAK

    Located at the Mirage, 1OAK feels more like a movie theater than a nightclub. It has a unique rectangular room that slopes towards the dance floor. This spot is so popular that Kim Kardashian hosted the New Year’s Eve bash. Along with some guy named Kanye West. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Also, get there for Flashback Fridays, where old-school acts like Naughty by Nature make an appearance. If you want to party

    4. Marquee

    A venue that has every possible idea covered: a circular dance floor, pool area, even a library… yes, we’re serious about that. Located at the Cosmopolitan, it’s a guaranteed good time. Even on a Monday. The pool even stays open during the winter due to the temporary dome built on top. Now that’s a cure for the winter blues.

    5. Omnia

    Come for the residencies by Calvin Harris and Kaskade. Stay for the big names like Zedd and Afrojack. Omnia even has a smaller club, called Heart of Omnia where open-format DJ’s spin regularly. There’s a terrace with a patio that offers fresh air and a perfect view of the Strip. But you’ll probably want to stay indoors for the massive fancy chandelier that hovers from the ceiling and moves to the music. Now that’s a formula for an endless party.

    6. Light

    This is more than a nightclub; this is an experience. Light goes above and beyond your expectations. It’s partnered with Cirque du Soleil so don’t be surprised to see some acrobatics dangling from the ceiling. There’s a monster LED screen located behind the DJ you won’t quickly forget. Oh, and the regular lineup of world-class DJ’s will have you dancing all night.

    7. Chateau

    Imagine the perfect venue: it must have a dance floor and bar. What about fancy chandeliers? And an outdoor patio with a killer view of the Las Vegas Strip? If you thought of those, then the Chateau at the Paris Hotel is your next destination. And for the endless partier in you, the Sugar Factory is next door and open 24/7.

    8. Intrigue

    This is a club that really lives up to its name. Special guest performers love to show up announced. The likes of Kesha, Tinashe, Ne-Yo, and Deadmau5 have graced the club. And for those that don’t like spontaneity (what’s wrong with you) regular DJ’s include Diplo and Marshmello. The club has an outdoor waterfall and pond that make it a sight to behold. With thirty-six movie projectors that paint the venue with colors and patterns, you’ll never have a dreary night.

    Party Forever

    As you’ve seen from the above, the party never stops here. And that’s just a small sample of what we’ve got to offer.

    What are you waiting for?